2 MAY 1992, Page 22

Late night foul-up

Sir: Your television critic, Martyn Harris, seems to have been confused by watching too much television.

In his column of 21 March he reviewed Nicholas Craig's Masterclass and wrote: 'The great thespian was teaching the tech- niques of a Newsnight appearance'.

It wasn't Newsnight. It was Question Time. The programme said so, and all its clips came from Question Time.

I would have let that one slip go. But then I read the next paragraph: 'Later that evening on the real Newsnight (BBC 2, 10.40 p.m.), Douglas Hurd demonstrated . Peter Sissons described . Margaret Beckett and Ann Robinson swapped . . . '

That wasn't 'the real Newsnight on BBC 2.' It was the real Question Time on BBC 1. (Question Time is pretty easy to distinguish. It is the programme that has Peter Sissons in the chair with an audience of 200 in front of him asking the questions.) I can only conclude that Martyn Harris is not really your television critic and I did not really read all this in The Spectator.

Brian Lapping

Executive Producer, Question Time, 21 Bruges Place, London NW1