2 MAY 1992, Page 22

Sir: Soon after a breakfast reading of John Patten's piece,

I took the number 52 bus down the Cowley Road to Oxford City Centre. I was going to a Good Friday Church Service to commemorate Christ's Crucifixion.

From the bus window I watched mankind pouring into pubs. I saw drunks, I saw skin- heads and other suchlike peoples. And as we sailed past the sex-shop I saw it was open to visitors. But unlike John Patten, I saw no cathedrals; nor indeed did I see any 'civilised' behaviour, considering it was sup- posed to be the most important date in the Christian calendar; wasn't it?

From the silence of the church I walked home through rich tourists on shopping sprees, through gangs of youths, through noise, through dust and dirt, dog-shit and empty egg cartons. And I had this Easter thought: If I were Jesus Christ looking down on us today, I would seriously wonder whether my supreme sacrifice had been worthwhile. And then, I would think, prob- ably not.

Patricia Huth

I Warneford Road, Oxford