2 OCTOBER 1942, Page 13


you permit me to point out that what I wrote last week about the deliberate nature of the recent outbreaks of violence in India has since been confirmed by Sir Reginald Maxwell, the Home Member of the Government of India? Addressing the Legislative Assembly, Sir Regi- nald pointed out that the attacks on railways and communications were carefully planned so as to start simultaneously in widely separated dis- tricts. The damage was the work of saboteurs with considerable tech- nical knowledge and required special instruments, such as wire-cutters to cut telegraph and telephone wire, and spanners to remove fishplates from railway lines. The attacks were concentrated on areas of strategic importance, and were aimed at interrupting communications essential for the defence of the country in the event of hostile attack, and paralyse the transport industry. Looting and other ordinary characteristics of spontaneous disturbances were conspicuously absent. All available in- formation points to the fact that the Government of India, by arresting the Congress leaders, nipped in the bud a dangerous revolution. If Congress did not plan this outbreak, who did?—Yours faithfully, H. G. RAWLINSON.