2 OCTOBER 1942, Page 14

SIR, —Your correspondent's strictures upon the B.B.C.'s policy of giving

repeated half-hours of Tommy Handley at the expense of better things are quite justified.

Mr. John Maddison's comments (30/1/42) are good ; but they miss the point. Such broad humour of Tommy Handley's type of entertain- ment is all right in its place ; but its place is not in several repetitions in an Empire programme which is broadcast world-wide and heard by many millions, most of whom criticise the English for disseminating such meaningless vulgarity and estimate Britain's prestige accordingly.

However, your correspondents and many other listeners have this consolation: they can always switch away from Tommy and enjoy the good music offered by the German and Italian broadcasts, which function

at the same time.—I am, Sir, yours faithfully, C. C. L. DE GRENIER. Belt al Mudir, Bahrain Islands, Persian Gulf.