2 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OF THE 41 SPEOTATOR."] SIR,—The following proofs of intelligence in a cat you may deem worthy of a space in your columns :—A literary friend of mine at Bath had been often vastly amused at the interest with which her cat appeared to view her proceedings at the writing- table. He would sometimes jump up beside her, and lay his paw on her wrist. On one occasion, however, he leapt on the table in front of her, and watched her narrowly, and with such a preternaturally knowing glance in his bright eye, with his head held slightly on one side, that she was impelled to lay down her pen, and look at him. What was her surprise and delight to see him walk deliberately to the inkstand, take a pen in his mouth, and leaping to the floor, commence tracing characters with it on the carpet, fortunately for which, poor Timothy had forgotten the ink ! Another day his mistress said to him in fun, " Oh, Timothy, I have lost a button off my dress ; I wish you would find it !" The animal looked at her, walked out of the room, and returned in a few minutes with the missing button in his mouth ! Alas poor Timothy ! he has disappeared, and this is probably the only permanent record of his winning ways.—I am, Sir, &c.,