2 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 2

Turkey and Greece have had a brush at Zorbas, ou

the northern frontier of Thessaly, where the new Turkish frontier meets the Greek frontier. There was considerable fighting there on Sunday and Monday, each side alleging, of course, that the fault lay with the other side. On Wednesday, the orders from Constantinople and from Athens had put an end to the fighting ; but on Thursday the conflict was, resumed, and these are the sort of sparks which often kindle great conflagrations. It is very natural that the Turks, who have so recently evacuated Thessaly, should be jealous of the Power that has displaced them ; and also that the Greeks, who have so recently occupied that country, should be jealous of the secret yearnings of the Turks to expel them from their ac- quisition. It is, indeed, rather a matter for regret that there is no non-conductor of national jealousy in which Europe could sheathe the frontier 'between races so little likely to dwell to- gether in peace as the Turk and the Greek. As that cannot be, perhaps Turkey would do well not to send troops to Egypt which she may so soon stand in need of on her own frontier.