2 SEPTEMBER 1882, Page 3

On Monday, the British Association decided to hold its meet-

ing of 1884—two years hence—in Montreal (Canada), the meet- ing of next year being fixed for Southport. Considering that there are a good many of the Association who cannot go so far, 'even for a holiday, this is a curious testimony to the strong -desire of the meu of science to draw the bonds between England and her Colonies still closer. The votes for meeting even next year at Montreal were, indeed, more numerous than those either for Southport or for Birmingham, Montreal polling 45 votes, Southport 43, and Birmingham 37. When Birmingham, however, was withdrawn, Southport polled 64 votes and Montreal only 57. But on Southport being chosen for 1883, Montreal carried the -day for 1884 by a large majority. The scientific men do not agreewith Horace, that the ocean is " dissociating." The Association cheerfully proposes to make it the instrument of their own associating objects.