2 SEPTEMBER 1972, Page 22

Sir: Would you be interested in printing a memorable judgement

by a BBC news broadcaster in this evening (August 21) 7 pm BBC radio news?

Discussing the Rhodesians' chances of being allowed to compete in the Olympics, the newscaster cheerfully suggested that, for a country of Rhodesia's size and with little chance of success to insist on its right to compete, was surely ridiculous!

I'm sure that the African countries that tried to bar Rhodesia from the Olympics based their blackmail on just such principles,' but how awful that a BBC employee in a nation-wide broadcast should unhesitatingly propose the folly of a little country trying to hold its own against intimidation masquerading as morality wielded by a block of other countries.

What a brave philosophy — if you're ganged up on, give in!

C. Kelly 13 Meredith Road, London NW2