2 SEPTEMBER 1972, Page 22

Ugandan Asians

Sir: I am not surprised by the xenophobic response (Letters, August 19) provoked by your attitude towards the expulsions of British Asian citizens in East Africa. The absence of confidence felt by dispossessed sections (both right and left wing) of the community in the future of the country is illustrated by their preoccupation with minority views and groups. They ignore our racial bastardy and the colour and diversity that this has contributed to our national life.

In this age, when Britain's economic and political influence inevitably shrinks we seem to have lost sight of tolerance for those eccentricities of life-style and cul

ture which have made this country worth living in. By all means, we must encourage dispersal and ensure adequate educational and housing investment to meet the needs of our Asian citizens (surely this applies to all our citizens?), but for the sake of us ' English ' natives, let us preserve that compassion and kindness which we all claim to value.

I fear that many of your correspondents wish to replace those generous qualities with the parochialism of the 'Little Englander.' If we cannot keep our promises, then there is little else we shall preserve.

Nicholas Bcdmforth St Margarets, Ferndale Road, Woking, Surrey