2 SEPTEMBER 1972, Page 23

The Czech purge

Sir: I do not dissent from Mr Graham Greene's views on architecture which he is entitled to hold, but I could wish he were not forever silent about the iniquities of the USSR as recently practised in Prague. I refer to the monstrous purge and heavy sentences of imprisonment passed on journalists, writers and many brilliant men who dared to have a liberal standpoint during the short-lived Dubeek regime and the courage to make it public.

I know that many French and English writers and even the Italian Communist Party protested; but Mr Greene, who once stated he 'would rather live in USSR than USA,' confines his polemics to sympathy with the IRA internees and castigating Sir Basil Spence. May one respectfully beg

him to use his brilliant pen in the cause of artistic and political freedom?

G. E. Fansh'augh Director, Eltham Laundry Supplies Ltd, Crown Works SE9.