30 JULY 1921, Page 1

As to the progress of the negotiations, we may point

out that in the House of Lords on Wednesday,the Lord Chancellor, in answer to some questions put by Lord Salisbury, who, by the way, declared that the negotiations involved "shame and humiliation," made a rather enigmatical statement. The terms submitted to the Sinn Fein leaders were, he declared, embodied in a document which had been sanctioned by the Cabinet. He also indicated that the terms did not preclude further negotiations. It was not a case of take it or knee it.

The diplomatio sparring which is the usual preliminary of an International Conference has been going on during the past week between Japan and the State Department at Washington. Japan has been asking politely what she will be committed to by accepting the invitation, and America has been giving polite assurances. It was stated, indeed, on Thurs- day that the answer from Tokio to these assurances, though there are certain important qualifications, will prove generally acceptable.