30 JULY 1921, Page 1


THE chief political event of the week was the return of Mr. De Valera to Ireland to consult his friends, we will not say on the terms offered him, but on the outlined proposals for a further and definitive conference. The newspapers of last Saturday, while announcing that Mr. De Valera and his colleagues had reached the Dublin Mansion House, give the words he addressed to the people assembled to greet him:— " This is not a time for talk. Wo have learned one mag- nificent lesson in Ireland in the last couple of years, and that is that it is by acts and not by talk that the nation will achieve its freedom. I do not want, therefore to sot a bad example by starting speech-making. If we act in the future as we have acted for the last couple of years we shall never have to talk about free- dom, for wo shall have it."