30 JULY 1921, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OP THE " SPECTATOE."] Sin,—In your issue of July 16th you rightly speak of the great service that is being done by the Arts League of Service. I can testify to this also, not only by the musical dramas given in the London parks, but still more by their splendid work In bringing beautiful plays, dancing, and folk songs round to scattered and lonely villages. I was present at some of their performances this spring, given in tiny hamlets of one or two hundred people, but, however small the audience, they gave of their best, and I consider it a true missionary work—one, too, which was most thoroughly appreciated by every one privi- leged to be present. The performers are all enthusiasts, and it would be nothing short of disastrous should their efforts fail for want of financial support, and this, alas ! at the moment seems only too possible. If the many in towns who have endless opportunities of seeing good acting would sacri- fice even one evening's theatre and send the money thus saved to the Arts League, 1 Robert Street, W.C. 2, it would supply funds to enable this good work to go on, and would give our villages the chance of having amusement and inspiration brought again to their doors once a year. Such a thing is an event of the year to them and the talk of the fireside for weeks