30 JULY 1921, Page 15



Sta,—At a meeting of the British Association in Bournemouth in 1919 a committee, of which I have been chairman, was appointed to deal with the important question of Training in Citizenship. The committee presented a report, of which a copy is enclosed, at the meeting of the Association in Cardiff last year. The Civic Education League, holding that the • report marks a definite advance in civic education, has sug- gested that it should be distributed throughout the country, and the suggestion is warmly approved by the committee. The British Association has received a request for twenty thousand copies of the report, with a view to its free distribution among teachers in schools of all grades. The Association does not possess the funds necessary to meet the cost of issuing so many copies of the report, but it has given the committee every encouragement to circulate the copies if enough money for pub- lishing them can be privately raised.

It is estimated that the expense of printing, revising, and issuing the reports will not fall below £300, or perhaps even £400. The Civic Education League has generously undertaken to do the necessary clerical work; it is for the other expenses involved in the circulation of the report that an appeal is now made. There can be little doubt, as contemporary events have shown, that systematic instruction in the offices and the oppor- tunities of citizenship is needed by all classes of the community. Such a handbook as the committee hope to publish will tend, they think, to the highest national ends. May I add that Lady Shaw, the Honorary Secretary of the Committee, will be glad to acknowledge contributions if they are sent to her at 10 Moreton Gardens, London, S.W. 5?—I am, Sir, &c.,