30 JULY 1921, Page 16


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " Stmenroa."1 SIR,—May I say to your readers: "Please put out water for the birds "? A glass dish or flower-pot saucer is best, as white china is apt to create fear. In our wee garden the birds con- gregate from all parts. The following incident amused me greatly. Scene : Glass dish of water. Characters: Papa, Mamma, and two baby sparrows. One baby hopped five or six times on the gravel round the dish. Papa and Mamma full of talk and excitement. Mamma hopped on edge of dish to show baby how to do it. Papa shouldered her off (thinking he could manage better, I suppose!) and chirped, hopped up, drank, hopped down. Baby tore round several times more, then hopped up, making very "heavy weather" of the business. Baby then drank, Papa and Mamma much pleased. Finally, baby fell in, found it rather jolly, and positively wallowed in the water. This now happens every day.—I am, Sir, &c., MAUDE ANNEBLEY BROWNLOW, 50 St. Petersburgh Place, W. 2.