30 JULY 1921, Page 2

On Wednesday the Prince of Wales unveiled the Dover Patrol

Memorial at Leathercote's Point, four miles east of Dover, and in one of those simple and yet moving speeches of which he possesses the secret bade us remember what we owed to the Dover Patrol. Truly, to borrow Cromwell's ringing words, they were a gallant company. The Grand Fleet was Britain's Main Guard. The men of the Dover Patrol kept the Postern Gate by night and day, in tempest and in calm. It may not be technically exact to say that they never lost touch with the enemy, but if they did it was only by restraint of the sea and weather such as no human power could control. May the spirit that inspired them remain -with -us as long as the granite of the columns that record their deeds and those of their French cora. rades ! The French Memorial Obelisk, the exact fellow of the English, is on the opposite side of the Channel. In New York yet another "kindred and coeval" obelisk has been dedicated to the Dover Patrol in memory of Americans who took part in that great and noble adventure. The salt waters that flow between divide only to join those who have a common heritage in the great deeds of the Dover Patrol.