30 JULY 1921, Page 2

The quarrel between Mr. Lloyd George and Dr. Addison about

reduction in housing broke out again in a debate on the vote of the Ministry of Health on Thursday, July 21st. Dr. Addison protested that he was only the instrument of the Government, carrying out their scheme to the best of his ability, when ha

was a Minister, and that it was unfair of the Prime Minister to talk of "your housing plans." They were not his housing plans alone. They were the housing plans of the House, of every man who was returned to support the Government at the last General Election. Mr. Lloyd George replied : (1) That if Mr. Addison was going to resign at all, he should have resigned last February; (2) that he had always been per- fectly supported by his colleagues ; and (3) that the present apparent stoppage was not really a stoppage at all, and that quite as many houses as before would be built, only at a cheaper price.