30 JULY 1921, Page 3

We see that the question of the name of the

Unionist Party recently discussed by Us was the subject of debate at the annual meeting of the Conservative and Liberal Unionist Association of the Hitchin Division for which Lord Robert Cecil sits. Cicero's friend Atticus has been described as "a consummate neutral." Lord Robert, if he does not quite fit this designation, may be said to have assumed, if the reports are correct, the position of conservative neutrality on this point. After wisely declaring that the most important thing was to observe the principles which the Association supported, he added that it would not only be dishonest but also bad policy to alter the funda- mental principles in order to attract members of other parties. The latter part of this sentence was addressed to members of the Association who supported the proposal for the change from "Unionist" to "Constitutional" on the ground that it would obtain supporters for Lord Robert.