30 OCTOBER 1880, Page 1

London has been agitated by a rumour, which originated apparently

in the Civil cold Military Gazelle of Lahore, that Cabul has risen in insurrection, and that the Ameer, Abdur- rahman Khan, has been murdered. As the paper named is respectably managed, and has frequently received early native information, the report excited great interest, and inquiries were addressed to the Viceroy. In his reply of the 26th inst., Lord Ripon gives no opinion, but states that the rumour was current at Peshawur, and that no communication had been re- ceived from Cabal from the 14th inst. The Calcutta corre- spondent of the Times, again, while doubting the intelligence, gives the 16th as the latest date of certain news from the Afghan capital. It would seem certain that a disturbance had occurred, but beyond that nothing is clear. The report, if true, would imply that Ayoub's party had triumphed, and would compel us to stand on guard in Candahar, possibly for years.