30 OCTOBER 1880, Page 1

Mr. Healey, Mr. Parnell's private secretary, has been arrested, at

the suit of Mr. Manning, a tenant near Bantry. Mr. Healey declared that Manning had taken a farm from which a tenant had been evicted, and that he intended to say to him, "You shall give up that farm ;" and if he refused, he would come back to the people, and tell them the reason why. On the following day, Mr. Healey called upon Manning, and demanded the surrender of the farm, was refused, and it is alleged, used language which amounted to a threat. Manning thereupon laid an information against him for intimidation. This case must be carefully dis- tinguished from the Government prosecutions. Mr. Healey is not arrested for his speech at •Bantry, though it was violent beyond precedent, and, in fact, if accurately reported, amounts to this,—that no tenant should pay rent till all other claims—including his own claim to be comfortable—are pro- vided for, but for a specific, alleged act of intimidation. The .case is a remarkable one, as it is the first in which an intimi- dated tenant has 'ventured to appeal to the Law Courts for re- dress. The usual routine is to submit, send a private account of the facts to the Castle, and then await the action of Govern- ment. A little more nerve on the part of those threatened would impose more moderation on those who threaten. At pre- sent, as nobody appeals to the law, they have it all their own way, and think their decrees irresistible.