30 OCTOBER 1880, Page 2

The Triconpis Government in Greece has been overthrown, and M.

Coumoundouros has been appointed Premier. The Opposition demanded a clear exposition of the new policy, and M. Corimoundouros declared that Greece would not wait for Europe to enforce her own decisions about the new boundary, but would prepare to enforce them by her own action. This policy was affirmed, under cover of a vote of ad- journment, proposed by the Premier and resisted by M. Tri- coupis, by 111 to 52. It is not understood that the new Premier is pledged to immediate war, but that he is pledged to the necessary preparations, and to action if other means are not speedily successful. The Government is believed to have means to keep the Army on foot for six months, and to be anxious rather for the protection of its coasts, than for any material assistance in a land campaign.