30 OCTOBER 1880, Page 3

There was a discussion in the Senate of Cambridge Univer-

sity on Tuesday on the subject of the proposal to allow Graduates in Arta who wish to take up subjects not involving a knowledge of Greek—the natural sciences, for instance—to dispense with Greek at the previous examination ; but the dis- cussion did not end in any vote. The subject has been pretty well threshed out already. The objection, as it seems to us, in the case of Cambridge, is rather to giving a degree, called a degree in Arts, and therefore supposed to indicate general liter- ary culture, without any knowledge of Greek, than -to giving some degree which should attest a well-disciplined intellect without it. But, why not call the degrees in Science, as the London University does, by their right name, and keep the Arts degree as an index of true literary culture?