30 SEPTEMBER 1905, Page 1

stipulations are defined as threefold,—viz., the consolida- tion and maintenance

of peace in the Far East and India ; the preservation of the integrity and independence of China, and the enforcement of the principle of the " open door" in that Empire ; and the maintenance by the two Powers of their

territorial rights, and the defence of their special interests in the Far East and India. Article I. arranges for full and

frank communications between the Powers if either considers its rights or interests are jeopardised. Article IL, as con- taining the kernel of the Agreement, we give in full :— " If by reason of unprovoked attack or aggressive action, wherever arising, on the part of any other Power or Powers either Contracting Party should be involved in war in defence of its territorial rights or special interests mentioned in the preamble of this Agreement, the other Contracting Party will at once come to the assistance of its ally, and will conduct the war in common, and make peace in mutual agreement with it."

Article III. recognises Japan's paramountcy in Korea, subject to the principle of the " open door " ; while Article IV. similarly recognises that Aritain must have a free hand in dealing with the Indian frontier. It is further agreed in the

remaining Articles that neither of the high contracting parties shall enter into separate arrangements with another Power to the prejudice of the objects set forth in the preamble; that the conditions under which armed assistance is to be mutually rendered shall be arranged by the naval and military authori- ties of the two Powers ; and that the present Agreement shell remain in force for ten years from the date of signature.