30 SEPTEMBER 1905, Page 22


Abele (IL), The Violin and its Story, l2mo (Strad) 276 Alexander (Mrs. F.), B Libro d'Oro of those whose Names are Written in the Lamb's Book of Life, cr 8vo (Nutt) net 6/0 Arnold (E. L.), Lieut. Gulliver Jones, his Vacation, cr 8vo...(S C. Brown) 6/0

Ayres (S. G.), Complete Index to the Expositor's Bible (Hodder& Stoughton) 7/6 Bayliss (Sir W.), Seven Angels of the Renascence, cr 8vo ......(Pitman) net 10/6

Beavan A. H.), Fishes I Have Known, cr 8vo (IInwin) 5/0

Benson (R. H.), The King's Achievement, cr 8vo (Pitman) 6/0 Bevan (T.), A Trooper of the Finns, cr 8vo ... ............. ......... (R.T.S.) 3/6

Bindloss (H.), The Impostor : a Novel, cr 8vo (F. V. White) 6/0 Brereton (F. S.), A Knight of St. John, or 8vo (Blackie) 6/0 Calthrop (1). C.), The Guide to Fairyland, 4to (Alston Rivers) net 7/6

Candy (H. C. H.). Introduction to Chemical Analysis, cr 8vo (Churchill) net 3/6 Champness (1/L), Half-Hours with the Methodist Hymn-Book (C. H. Kelly) 2/6 Clarke (W. N.), Use of the Scriptures in Theology, or 8vo... (T. & T. Clark) 4/0 Clegg (T. B.), The Love Child : a Novel, or 8vo ... .................. ......... (Lane) 6,0

Connolly (J.), The Story of an Old-Fashioned Doll, cr 8vo (Nutt) 3/6 Conrad . ,Mrs Jim and , cr 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton) 5/0 Contemporary Biographies, Vol. I., 8vo...(Biographical Press Agency) not 15/0 Cook (T. A.), Old Provence, 2 vols. cr 8vo (Rivingtons) 16/0 Cornaby (W. A.), In Touch with Reality, cr 8vo ........ (C. H. Kelly) 3/6 Deledda (G.), Nostalgia, cr 8vo (Chapman & Hall) 6/0 Devenish (E, M.), The Wandering of Joyce, cr 8vo ...... ... .....(Duckworth) 6/0 Donovan (D.), The Fatal Ring : a Novel, er 8vo... . (Hnrat & Blackett)) 6/0 Dundee (C.), The Journeys of Antonia, cr 8vo (llnwin 6/0 Earle (M.), Molly and her Brothers, Cr 8vo (Mackie 2/6 Eley (W. G.), Retrievers and Retrieving, cr 8vo (Longmans) net 3/6 Gail (W. E.), A Yankee in Pigmy Land, cr 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton) 6/0 Green (E. E.), In Northern Seas, cr 8vo (Nelson) 3/6

Green (G. G.), In the Royal Irish Constabulary, er 8vo (J. Blackwood) 3/6

Habback (J. H.), Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers, 8vo (Lane) net 10/6 Hadden (J. C.), The Nelson Navy Book, cr 8vo (Blackie) 6/0 Halifax (R.), The Drams of Fate : a Novel, cr 8vo . (Drane) 6/0 Hall (H. F.), The One Strand River, and other Fairy Tales, 4to (Nutt) 3/0 Hatzfeldt Letters (The), cr 8vo (J. Murray net 15/0 (IInwil net 10/6

Hardy (E. j.), John Chinaman at Home, 8vo Higgs (H.), "The Master ": the Vision of a Disciple, 12mo (Nisbet net 2/6 Holmes (W. G.), The Age of Justinian and Theodora. Vol. I.. . (Bell) net 9/0Housman(C.), The Idle of Sir Aglovale De Galls, cr 8vo '(Methuen) 6/0

Howard (M. A.), Primer of General History, Part II., er 8vo (H Marshall) 2/6 Hume (F.), The Fatal Song: a Novel. er 8vo (F. V. White) 6/0 Hutton (E.), A Book of English Love Poems, 18mo...... (Methuen) net 3/6 Kennedy (B.), The Green Sphinx, er 8vo (Methuen net 3/6' Kerr (R.), Nature through Microscope and Camera, 8vo... ...... (R.T.S. net 6/0 Lancaster (G. B.), A Spur to Smite : a Novel, cr 8vo... (A. Melrose) CO Lang (A.), The Red Romance Book, 8vo (Longmans) 6/0

Le Queue (W.), The Czar's Spy : a Novel, cr 8vo ...(Hodder I Stoughton) 6/0 McDonough (G.) and Chapin (A. A.), Babes in Toyland, 4to......(Nutt) net 610 Maclaren (A.), Gospel according to St. Matthew. chaps. i.-viii., 8vo

. (Hodder I Stoughton) 7/6 MacMahon (E.), Oxendale : a Novel, er Sao (Chapman & Hall) 6/0 Macmillan (M.), In Wild Maratha Battle, cr 8vo (Blackie) 2/6 Mann (11. E.), Fortune's Cap : a Novel, cr 8vo (Hurst & Blackett) 6/0 Martin (G.), Oak Farm, cr 8vo (Sonnenschein) 2/6

Merzbacher (G.), The Central Tian-Shan Mountains, 1902-3 (J. Murray) net 12/0 Miller (J. B.), The Blossom of Thorne, l2mo .........(Hodder I Stoughton) 3/0

Mural (G.), Ordeal by Music, 4to (Nutt) 3/0 Norris (W. E.), Lone Marie : a Novel, cr 8vo (Macmillan) 6/0 Oswald (E.), The Legend of Fair Helen, 8vo (J. Murray) 10/6 Pearson (J. H.), Suburban Houses, 4to S n) net 7/6 Peel (B.) and klinehm (H. C.), Oxford Described, or 8vo ethuen 6/0 Perrin (A.), The Waters of Destruction : a Novel, cr8vo (Chatto Windus)) 6/0 Phillips (E. G.), Extinction of the Ancient Hierarchy, 8vo...... (Sands) not 10/6 Reich (E.), Failure of the Higher Criticism of the Bible, 8vo (Nisbet) 6/0 Ridge (W. P.), On Company's Service, cr 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton) 5/0 Rituale Armenorum, 8vo (Oxford Univ. Press) net 21/0 Bockhill (W.), China's Intercourse with Korea from the Fifteenth Centdry to 1895, 8vo (Luzac) net 3/6 Roe (F.), Old Oak Furniture, 8vo (Methuen) net 10/6 Bomilly (S. H.), Letters to " Ivy " from the First Earl of Dudley, 8vo ans) net 16 10 Sage (B.), Rhymes of Real Children, 4to (Longin (Nutt) 3/6 Sandys (E.), Sporting Sketches, cr 8vo (Macmillan) net 7/6

Scott (M.), The Harmony of the Proper Psalms, cr 8vo (Bemrose) 2f6 Solon (E.), Romance of Insect Life, er 8vo (Seeley) 510 • Service of the Synagogue, Day of Atonement, Parts I. & IL (Boutledre) net 3/6

Simpson (V. A.). The Parson's Wood : a Novel, cr 8vo (Nash) 6/0..

Sinclair (F.), Where the Sun Sets, cr 8vo (S. Low) 610 Steward (R. K.), The Surprising Adventures of the Man in the Moon, 4to

(Jack) net 4/0 •

Strang (1L), The Adventures of Harry Rochester, cr 8vo (Blackie) 6/0 : Summers (D.), Renunciation, cr 8vo (Bimini 6/0 ■

Useful Hintaand Tips for Automobilist.. er 8vo .... (Bele) net 216 , Whiteley (B. L.), Elementary Text-Book of Inorganic Chemistry, cr 8vo

(Methuen) -2/6 , Williams (A.), The Romance of Mining, cr 8vo (Pearson) 610