31 MARCH 1855, Page 1

The "crescendo" in the murmur of military movement con- tinues

in the Crimea. The French works approaching the Russian earth-works in the front Of the Malakoff tower continue to be pressed forward ; and collisions between the advanced parties on the two sides become more frequent and more sanguinary. New watchfires are observed to the North of Sebastopol, and it is pre- sumed that great reinforcements have arrived ; though it is pos- sible that the troops stationed at Baktohi-Serai and other central Sin the Crimea have come out of winter-quarters more to Pp,

'the front. On the Tchernaya the enemy is in great strength ; on the other hand the Allies grow stronger every day.

Meanwhile, Admiral Lyons has infused activity into the naval operations. A light squadron has been at work on the Circassian coast, waking up Cossacks and destroying marten° towers. Cap- tain Gill'ard, with a squadron, made an attack upon a fort, and drove out the garrison' but could not accomplish all that he in- tended • his Circassian allies from the land side not having come up to time, or having failed in their part of the operation from sonin other cause. However, the accounts leave Captain Giffaeki with his eye upon the Russians in that quarter, and we may er.pect

a sequel to those achievements. .