31 MARCH 1855, Page 11



Militia BilL

Enlistment of Foreigners BilL Army Service Act Amendment Bill.

Fisheries (North America) BilL Consolidated Fund (3,300,00W.) Bill. Consolidated Fund (20,000.0001.) BilL Exchequer Bills (17,153,0001.) Mutiny Bill.

Marine Mutiny Bill. Tea-Duties Decline Suspension Bill.

Secretaries and Under-Secretaries of State (House of Commons) BBL

Common Law Procedure Act Amendment (Ireland) Bill (Mr. Isaac




Ministerial Bills, and the stage arrived at.

Despatch of Business, Court of Chancery Grime to the Commons. Criminal Justice Gone to the Commons:

Non-Ministerial Bills

Speedy Trial of Offenders Lord Brougham's Read a second time. Cathedral Appointments Act Con-

tinuance Bishop of Oxford's.... Gone to the Commons

Bills of Exchange Lord Brougham's .... Do.(toS.Comniittee.) Purchaser's Protection t asains - I Lord St. Leonards's... Waits Royal Actaeon. Judgments Lunacy Regulation Act 1853 Amend- I Ditto Ditto.

ment IL Tun Commoxs. Ministerial Bills.

Jurors and Juries (Ireland) • Read a first time. Savings-Banks and Friendly Societies Investment Ditto.

Fairs and Markets (Ireland) Ditto.

Poor Relief (Ireland) utux

Parliamentary Representation (Scotland) Act jrntta.

Amendment Education (England) Ditto. ti Educaon (Scotland) p Registration of Births, &c. (Scotland) Ditto.

Metropolis Local Management Ditto.

Willa and Administrations til.e given. in

Edburgh Lands Metropolitan Buildings Ditto.

Passengers Act Amendment Read a second time:

Burial-Grounds (Scotland) Ditto.

Tenant's Compensation (Ireland) Mr. Sergeant Shee .... Spirits (Ireland) Mr. V. Scully's Affirmations (Scotland) Mr. Craufurd s Marriage Law Amendment Mr. Heywood's Marriages (Scotland) Mr. Headlain's Church-Rates Abolition Sir William Clay's ....

Places of Religious Worship Regis- ) Mr. Penatt's tration Public Libraries and Museums (Ire- 1 Mr. Ewart land) Episcopal and Capitidar Estates Marquis of Bhuidford's Dwelling-houses (Seotland) Mr. Dunlop's Ecclesiastical Property (Ireland) . , Mr. Napier's Grand Juries (Ireland) Sir Denham Norreys .. Agricultural Averages (Ireland).. , Mr. Bland's Poor-law (Scotland) Mr. E. Ellice's Public Libraries and Museums Mr. Ewart Friendly Societies Mr. Sotheron

Bills of Exchange and Promissory I mi.. Keating..

Note° Judgments Execution. Mr. Craufurd's Union of Benefices Mr. Frewen'e Vacating of Seats in Parliament ... Mr. Wrightson's Ecclesiastical Courts Mr. Robert Phillimore.

Select Committees.

Army before Sebastopol Mr. Roebuck. Poor Removal (reappointed) Mr. Baines. Metropolitan Communications Mr. Jackson. Economical Printing (reappointed) Mr:3 ohn Greene. Sandhurst Royal Military College Lord Palmerston. Newspaper Stamp-Duties Ditto. Lunatic Asylums (Ireland) (Advances) To Seleet 'Committee:

Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention 4 Di,,.,,


Ants Consolidation and Amendment ..... ... )

Public Health • Convention with Sardinia Amended.

Consolidated Fund (2,000,0001.) Dropped. Intramural Burials (Ireland) Gone to the Lords. Militia (Ireland) Ditto.

Commons Enclosure Ditto.

Dean Forest Ditto.

Price's Indemnity Withdrawn.

Non-Hinisterial Bills

Juries and Jurors (Ireland) Mr. Whiteside's Court of Chancery (Ireland): for the I Reform of—six Bills Mr. Whiteside's Mines (Ireland) Mr. John Fitzgerald's. Education (England) No. 2 Sir John Pakington's.. Free Schools Mr. M. Gibson's Schools (Scotland) Mr. Stirling's Public Prosecutors Mr. John Philliinore's.

Sea Coast Fisheries (Ireland) Mr. M Mahon s

Inland Fisheries (Ireland) ..... Mr. 31'M ahon's

Intestacy (Scotland) Mr. Dunlop's Newspaper, Sze. Postage and-Stamp Duties • I Mr, Gladstone's Read a first time. Ditto.

Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.


Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

Ditto. Ditto.

Beads second time, Ditto. Ditto. Leave given.

Ditto. Ditto. Amended.


To Select Committee.

Lost on 24 reading. Ditto.


Gone to Lords..