31 MARCH 1855, Page 2

The state apartments of Windsor Castle are closed, to bore-

opened on an unprecedented occasion—the arrival of a French

"Emperor," and that Emperor a Napoleon. Verdun is avenged ; St. Helena is assoilzied. The visit at once gives birth to a crowd of reflections,- remarkableriSe.one common characteristic—that they ought all and instantly. to be repressed in presence of the few sim- ple and really geand incidents of this visit.- French Monarchs have bets in the habit of visiting England : one came here to escape a Napoleon ; next a Capet to escape the consequences of attempting to revive Capetism ; then a "Mr. Smith" to avoid the conse- quences of attempting to place La France under the Bourgeoisie, and the Bourgeoisie under Mr. Smith. But the reigning Monarch comes to ratify an alliance against invasion and foreign dictation, and to ratify that union of great powers which is a guarantee for wiser government in Europe.