31 MARCH 1855, Page 6

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The thirty-fourth anniversary of the Seamen's- Hospital Societrwas celebrated by a dinner at the London Tavern on Wednesday. This-in- stitution extends its benefits to. seamen of- all nations, and it is supported by voluntary contributions. Among the subscribers are the Queen, the Emperor of Austria, the King of l'russia, the King of the Belgians, and other distinguished persons. Lord Palmerston presided over the.enter- tainmeet. In proposing the toast of "Success to the Seamen's Hospital," he enlarged on its peculiar merits,- and the great faoilities it affords for the relief of sailors of all countries.

" It requires," he said with emphasis, 'no preparatory arrangement—no certificate—no routine forms of admission. lt.does not bandy.a man from door to door until he can get his claim to relief backed. It. is enough that he could show a mutilated framer a pale countenance, and a fitful pulse, that the doors of the charity were thrown open, and he was provided with those means and appliances to alleviate his suffering and to restore him to health." Among the notable persons present, were Sir Charles Wood, . Lord

Stanley, Sir Charles Napier, Admiral Bowles, and Mr. J. Napier M.P. Upwards of 2000/. was collected in aid of the funds.

The supporters of Lord Ebrington entertained him at a dinner on Wednesday, at the Freemason's Tavern. Sir Benjamin Hall, the other Member for Marylebone, was also present. He took occasion to express the pride he felt in being the author of the Local Management of the Metropolis Bill, and to announce that the Government is prepared to carry it through. Great opposition be had met with, and no doubt he should meet with more ; but opposition is the tonic of official life, and it had made him a very strong man.

At Marylebone Police Office, on Tuesday, Mrs. Mary Ramsbotham, wife of a physician in Portman Square was charged with stealing four cambric handkerchiefs. She went to the slop of Mr. Motile, a draper in Baker Street; while the shopman who was attending on her went to another part of the premises, she was seen to take four handkerchiefs and put them into her pocket. When she left the shop she was followed ; she entered a stationer's shop; as she left it, one of Mr. Moule's people spoke to her. She at first denied that she had been at Mr. Moule's ; then admitted that she had, and volunteered the statement that she had got "the handkerchiefs" in her pocket. She was taken to Mr. Moule's; when she produced the handker- chiefs, saying, "I merely took them for the purpose of showing them to my sister, and. if she had not approved of there I should have returned them.' She hoped Mr. Moule would look over this" : when he said he could not, she exclaimed, " Do as you like !" She was much excited and confused. Mr. Broughton said he must remand Mrs. Bamsbotham, as the shopman who had served her was not in attendance: he refused to take bail ; and said, if he should eventually consent after the second examination, he will require two sureties in 10001. each.

On Wednesday, Mr. Herring, a.soliciter, made an urgent appeal to Mr. Broughton for the immediate release of the accused on bail—for 10,0001. if eeeded—on the plea of jeopardy to her health. The Magistrate detained to liberate her : if her health was much. affected, he intuit be well certified of the feet before he could act.

An exhibition of pictures in aid of the Patriotic Fund was opened in Pall Mallon Saturday. It was a "private view" day and no one ought to have been admitted without an invitation ; but by some means two female pickpockets got admission. Miss Thompson felt a woman's hand near her pocket ; she seized it ; the woman then pretended she had suddenly felt faint and had caught at Miss Thompson's dress for support. However, she was watched, and her motions led to her arrest. On a public inquiry, some dozen ladies ex- claimed that their purses were missing; the empty porte-monnaies -were dis- covered in the pockets of gentlemen ! The thieves had emptied them, and thus got rid of awkward evidence against themselves. During the excite- ment caused by this discovery, a female companion of the prisoner's escaped —doubtless carrying off the cash, as none was found on the prisoner. She gave her name as "Mary Williams," and said she had walked into the room thinking it was a free exhibition. The Bow Street Magistrate committed her-for trial.