31 MARCH 1855, Page 6

‘ift tourt.

THE QUEEN held a levee at St. James's Palace on Monday. The levee was attended by a brilliant crowd ; but the presence most remarked was that of the Marquis of Clanricarde. On Thursday her Majesty held the first drawingroom of the down, also at St. James's Palace. The Queen and Prince Albert visited the Duchess of Glogeester gin Monday evening. On Wednesday, accompanied by the Prince of Lein- ingen, they went toile Haymarket Theatre. M. Drouyn de Llauys had audience eff her Majesty yesterday. In :the course of the day, the Princess of Salerno and the Duke and Duchess d'Aumale called upon the Queen. 'tithe morning, her Majesty, Prince Albert, and the krince of Leiningen, visited the Amateur l'icture Exhi- bition in aid of the Patriotic Fund ; and in the•evening they were-present at the Princess's Theatre. The list of the Queen's guests has included -the Prince of Leiningen, Prince 'Nicholas of Nassau, Lord Hardinge, Lord Maack, the Danish Minister and the Baroness d'Oxholm, the Baron and Baroness Usedom, Lord Torrington, Lord Heytesbury, Mr. Pemberton Leigh, the Earl and Countess Granville,'the Earl of Aberdeen; -the Marquis of Lansdowne, Admiral De Chabannes, Admiral Meynell, and- Lieutenant-Colonel Mait-