31 MARCH 1855, Page 9


On the 21st March, in Carlton Gardens, the Hon. Mrs. J. Stuart Wortley, of a daughter.

On the 22d, in Upper Grosvenor Street, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Herbert, of a son and heir.

On the 22d, in Princes Gate, Hyde Park, the Wife of the Rev. Robert Baker, Rector of Compton Martin, Somersetsbire, of a daughter.

On the 23d, the Wife of Andrew Crosse, of Fyne Court House, Broomfield, Somer- setshire, of a son. On the 23d, in Brunswick Place, Brighton, the Wife of ArthurlOtway, M.P., of a daughter. On the 24th, at Ickleford House, near Hitchin, Herta, the Hon. Mrs. Frederick Dudley Ryder, of a daughter.

On the 24th, at Lansdowne House. the Countess of Shelburne, of a daughter. On the 25th, at Bedfords, West Elam, the Wife of Captain Petty, R.N., of • son. On the 25th, in Upper Brook Street, the Lady Emma Cust, of a son.

On the 27th, at Upton Park Villas, Slough, the Wife of Edward Matthew Ward, Esq., B.A., of a daughter.


On the 18th September, at Christchurch, New Zealand, Thomas Cass, Esq., chief surveyor to Government for the two Canterbury districts, to Mary Anne, widow of the late David Theodore Williams, Esq., and eldest daughter of the late Rev. David Williams, of Ystradmeirig, Cardiganshire. On the 19th March, at the British Embassy, Dresden, Beaumont Williams Hotham, Esq., youngest son of the late Vice-Admiral Hon. Sir Henry Hotharn, K.C.B., to Charlotte Amelia, the youngest daughter of Rear-Admiral Rich. On the 24th, at Sherborne, Dorset, Frederick Wentworth Bennett, Esq., late Captain in U.M. Sixty-ninth Regiment, eldest son of James Bennett, Esq., of Cad- bury House, Somerset, to Catherine Eliza, only surthing child of the late John Thomas Croft, Esq., of Burlington, in the same county. On the 27th, at St. John's Church, Chatham, Captain Henry Droz. Gaynor, Eighty-seventh (South Cork) Regiment, fourth son of Captain Gaynor, Barrack- master at Buttevant, Ireland, to Louisa Milford, only daughter of the late Commis- sary-General Sir Charles Dalrymple.


On the 8th July, onboard H.M.S. Herald, on surveying service in the South Paci- fic, Fleetwood James, youngest sou of Captain Henry Mangles Denham, R.N.; in his 15th year.

In October, at Waricka, New Plymouth, New Zealand, Mary Anne, the wife of the Rev. George Bayley. On the 20th December, at Buenos Ayres, Hugh Sandeman, fourth son, and on the 29th January, at Cannanore, Madras Presidency, Alexander Stewart Sandeman, Esq., H.E.I.C.C.S., eldest son of Glatt Sandeman, Esq., of Bonskeid, Perthshire. On the 29th January, at Calcutta, Mrs. Charles Prinsep, wife of the Advocate... General. On the 12th February, at Demerara, Mrs. Catherine Goodman, widow of the late Major-General Goodman, C.B. and K.H. On the 19th, at Demerara, Ensign F. J. Brinckman, Second West India Regiment, second son of Sir Theodore Brinckman, Bart. On the 19th March, at Marseilles, on his way home from the Crimea, after a few days' illness, of brain fever, Captain W. R. Corbet, Forty-ninth Regiment, fourth and youngest son of Sir A. V. Corbet, of Actor Reynold; in his 23d year. On the 23d, at Manor House, Lyndhurst, Charlotte, the wife of Henry Combe Compton, Eoq , M.P.

On the 23d, at Hursley Fork, near Winchester, Elisabeth, widow of the Bev. William Heathcote, second son of the late Sir William lieathcote, Bart.; in her 82d


On the 24th, at Nunappleten, Yorkshire, Sir William Mordaunt ,Sturt Bart.; in his 76th year. On the 24th, at Elton Hill, Northamptonshire, the Lady Frances Froby. On the 25th, in Walworth Terrace, Mrs. Harriet Ouisean, relict of the late John Outman, M.A.; in her 97th year. On the 25th, in Soho Square, Maria Elisabeth, wife of Mr. George Routledge, of Farringdon Street; in her 40th year. On the 25th, at Denmark Hill, Surrey, William Brodie Gurney, Esq. ; in his 78th year. Lately, at Croxteth, Lady Katherine Molynens. ; in her 476 year.