31 MAY 1957, Page 26


SIR,—John Betjeman cannot believe that the London County Council may dismantle the Albert Bri4e„

which he feels is too graceful to disappear.. '

Mr. Betjeman clearly finds it difficult to believe many things. I believe that he has Matthew Arnold's Scholar Gipsy framed in his bedroom, where he rummages among his nostalgic' charivaria, shrinking from the world with 'its sick hurry, its head o'er taxed and its palsied hearts.'

There is to be a new Albert Bridge because modern traffic needs one. Perhaps, unlike most people, Mr. Betjeman does not want traffic, in which case he should think over what would happen to his supplies of food, clothing, other personal wants and his amenities generally, if the modern motor vehicle were not playing the part it does.

Perhaps Mx, Betjeman could suggest an alternative to facing realities.'I f we are in a mess, and there seem to be plenty of things which stir his indignation, it is largely because we have been stumbling backwards towards the future. A person who does this may very well 'become known as a 'betjeman.'—Yours faithfully, BERNARD B. SYKES

Public Relations Officer

British Road Federation, 26 Manchester Square, W