31 MAY 1957, Page 26

SIR.,—B. C Margheritta should enclose with his next protest to

a newspaper not a stamp for return, but payment and instructions for an advertisement of his own beliefs. He would then doubtless learn what, if not who, controls advertising. One wonders whether he has been as zealous in protesting at some other advertisements to be found weekly in certain Sunday newspapers. In the face of such credulity his charge of ignorance against those who join the Catholic Church rings strange. In my case (or, if you like, my ignorance) I took that step twenty-two years agh, agd through six years of war and sixteen of 'peace I haven't yet seen what doubtless B. C. Margherjtta would term the `light.' Which, of course, only goes to show how right he must be!—Yours faithfully,