31 MAY 1957, Page 27

Sweet and Hot

Dream Street (Brunswick) gives Peggy Lee plenty of chance to demonstrate the versatility of her voice in a variety of moods and tempos. Her mellifluous tones are perfect for poignant old songs like 'What's New,' Dancing on the Ceiling' and 'It Never Entered my Mind'—and yet she puts over her up-tempo songs with equal mastery. Miss Lee is just the answer for tired ears and jangled nerves.

Another .wax tranquilliser comes along under the name of Lovely Lady (Decca), on which Frank Chacksfield gives the music of Jimmy McHugh a smooth, light orchestral treatment. McHugh has written several evergreen hits—'1'm in the Mood for Love,' Sunny Side of the Street,' I Can't Give You Anything but Love,' Exactly Like You'— and even though Chacksfield's treatment neither gives much character to the tunes nor is it the most suitable dressing for them, at least the disc makes restful and tuneful background music.

The idea was a clever one—a musical cruise with each song chosen and arranged specifically to capture every moment of an ocean trip. The farewells at the dockside; the nostalgia as you reach the open sea; the shipboard romance under the moon; the rhythm of the engines; the memo- ries of scenes and faces at home, that other world; that let - yourself -go -this-doesn't - happen -every- day-of-your-life recklessness; dressing for dinner with the Captain; and finally, down to earth, the end of the dream as you tie up back in port. It would be hard to find a more versatile or skilful crew for Bon Voyage (RCA) than Al Nevins .and his Orchestra.

New recordings of authentic dixieland tone and treatment are rarer than one would like. Gene Mayl's Dixieland Rhythm Kings (London) have recorded some of the old favourites in a pleasant mid-Twenties style. Vaguely diluted Bix-Jelly- Roll-Ory flavour.

Admirers of the late James Dean will no doubt be tempted to buy Tribute to James Dean (London). It consists of selections from East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. 1 am a great admirer of the late Mr. Dean, but I can't say I think that this record is a worthy tribute.

If you like Lionel Hampton's music without castanets clicking in the background, it's safe to say that you'll like it with castanets clicking in the background. Jazz Flamenco (RCA) features the 'Hampton orchestra on its Spanish tour aug- mented by Senorita Maria Angelica on castanets —a combination which. according to the notes, `sure gassed those Castilian cats.'

Those calendars which have beauties for each month's page have a serious rival to contend with —the sleeve for Julie London's latest. LP, Calen- dar Girl (London). This shows the shapely Miss London in twelve different swimsuits. In her warm, honeyed purr she sings a song about each month of the year. How she can sound so warm in a swimsuit in January, I just don't know.