3 APRIL 1880, Page 1

We have won up to the time we write a

seat in Andover, Bath, Bedford, Berwc, Bolton, Bradford, Brecknock, Bucking- ham, and Bury St. rimund's, two seats in Cambridge, a seat in Carlow, Chelsea, Chester, Cheltenham, and Clitheroe, two seats in Cokhester, a seat in Coventry, Evesham, Exeter, Gloucester, Grantham, Hereford, Ipswich, Kidderminster, Knaresborough, Leeds, Lincoln, Lynn, and Norwich, two seats in Nottingham, one in Oldham, Oxford, Plymouth, Pontefract, Petersfield, Retford, Rye, two in Salford, two in Southwark, one in Stam- ford, Salford, Truro, Wallingford, Wakefield, Winchester, Wor- cester,—in all, 51. We have lost a seat in Barnstaple, Brid- port, Greenwich, South Hampshire, Hastings, Horsham, NewiT, Newark, Newcastle-under-Lyne, Sheffield, Leominster, two seats in Maidstone, one in Poole, Rochester, Taunton, and Westbury, —in all, 17. And the gains in the Liberal vote, even where we have not gained a seat, have been often most remarkable.