3 APRIL 1880, Page 25

Triplicate Papers on Triunities. By A. F. Morgan. With an

Introduction by the Bishop of Manchester. (Eliot Stock.)—This is a small, fanciful book, the product, we conclude, of the leisure hours of a devout and thoughtful professional man ; more likely, as the writer of the short preface truly says, to interest believers than to convert sceptics. The author's train of thought may be generally described as in harmony with that of Keble's well-known lines on Trinity Sunday ; but there seems to be a slight confusion in his mind as to things which are caused by the revelation of the central -truth, and those which merely contain an analogy. All Christian art, and especially architecture, must be, consciously or unconsciously, in- fluenced by the revealed doctrine of Trinity in Unity, and therefore seems hardly to come into the same category with the triple arrangements to be found in the natural, as distinguished from the spiritual world. Amongst lighter analogies, that of the old game of " Morelles," or, "Nine Men's Morris," contains a curious one, as it turns entirely on the number three, but our author does not mention this.