3 APRIL 1920, Page 2

Germany has had another restless week, but the fever is

abating and the patient seems on the road to recovery. Herr Bauer, after reconstructing his Ministry, had to resign in deference to Labour protests, and was succeeded on Friday week by Herr Muller, who signed the Peace Treaty. The new Ministry, like its predecessor, is a coalition of Socialists, Demo- crats, and Roman Catholics, but it lacks Herr Noske. Alarming reports of the progress of the " Red " insurrection in West- phalia were sent to the London Press, presumably in order to justify the German Government's proposal to move a large army into the neutral zone east of the Rhine. When the Allies declared that, if German troops entered the neutral zone, an equal number of Allied troops would do so and occupy Frankfort and Darmstadt, Germany withdrew her proposal At the same time it was opportunely discovered that the " Reds " were on the point of collapsing after a skirmish near VVeseL Herr Midler told the National Assembly on Monday that he did not fear Bolshevism, and that the anarchy on tin Left was less of a peril than the anarchy on the Right, ae exemplified by Dr. Kapp's rising.