3 APRIL 1920, Page 2

The Danish Ministry headed by Dr. Zahle was dismissed by

the King on Monday because it had ceased to command a majority in Parliament. Dr. Zahle, who is a Radice: Socialist, had held office for nearly seven years. He excited much criticism during the war because he did not try to conceal his sympathy with Germany, preferring the flattery of his fellow-Socialists in Berlin to the goodwill of patriotic Danes. Dr. Zahle maintained his benevolent neutrality towards the Germans in regard. to Slesvig. Far from seeking to recover the old Danish province, he seemed reluctant to accept any part of it at the hands of the Allies, for fear lest the new Slesvig electors should strengthen the Opposi- tion. The Danes in Northern Slesvig owe their deliverance from Prussian oppression solely to the Allied Powers, who declined to be discouraged by the Danish Government. Dr. Zahle caused his Labour friends to threaten a general strike if the old Ministry were not reinstated. King Christian ignored this threat of "direct action." The new Ministry will appeal to the people Dr. Zahle evidently foresees defeat.