3 DECEMBER 1948, Page 16

SIR,—With regard to my letter on the subject of, State

versus School, I regret that some inaccuracy crept into my quotation of the figures issued by the Northern Universities Joint Board. Quoting from memory, I stated that 46 per cent, of the pupils recommended by the Board this year for State Scholarships had sat for the H.S.C. examination twice, and 13 per alit. had sat for it three times. The correct figures should be 43.9 per cent. (48 per cent. boys, 39.8 per cent, girls) and 7.3 per cent. respectively. I hope it will be appreciated, however, that this necessary correction by no means vitiates my argument, that a considerable number of schools have abandoned the traditional obligation to give their tpupils a good general education up to sixteen at least, before beginning real specialisation.—