3 DECEMBER 1948, Page 5

The case of R. E. L. v. E. L. (names

were rightly withheld in this case), decided by Mr. Justice Pearce in the High Court on Tues- day, combines with the recent action of Baxter v. Baxter to make some reconsideration of the marriage laws imperative. In the latter case the wife sought a decree of nullity on the ground that her husband refused to have intercourse with her without the use of

contraceptives, so that her natural desire for a child was permanently frustrated. She was refused the decree. In this week's case, the ' husband being through some disability precluded from procreation by the normal method, artificial insemination was resorted to in order to satisfy the wife's desire for a child, and in due course a child, of which the husband was recognised beyond any question to be the father, was born. The wife petitioned for a decree of nullity on the ground of her husband's incapacity. She was granted it. What is the law ? It seems to need not so much clarification as