3 JANUARY 1880, Page 10

The Ministerial crisis in France is at an end, and

M. de Freyeinet is at once Prime Minister and his own Secretary of Foreign Affairs. M. Waddington and M. Leon Say, acting together, have declined to take part in the new Cabinet, which belongs to a more " advanced " section of the Left than either of them. The new men are not well known. M. Cazot, the new Minister of Justice, is an advocate, a life member of the Senate, and was a supporter of the Tours Government under G-ambetta. M. Magnin, the new Minister of Finance,—also a life senator, —is the son of a wealthy iron-master, and was Minister of Com- merce in the Government of National Defence, and took an active part in victualling Paris for the siege. M. Varroy, the new Minister of Public Works, is an engineer, and was also one of the agents of the Government of National Defence. The new Minister of War, General Farre, is a man of great ability, who was much employed and trusted by General Faidherbe.