3 JANUARY 1880, Page 10

The telegraph cable to South Africa has at length been

com- pleted, and henceforward we shall know what occurs in the- Transvaal day by day. The situation there has never seemed to us serious, and we now note that Sir Garnet Wolseley is returning to England, but the accounts are still not quite intelli- gible. The Cape Standard, the Dutch organ at Cape Town, says the Boers intend to fight, and this is partly confirmed by their -having elected 'Mr. Kruger President, and directed him to call a Volksraad; but it is contradicted by the absence • of preparation, 17 the feeling of security in Pretoria, where the English element has become predominant, and by the pre- parations for withdrawing troops. We question if the Boers will do anything but sulk, but the Transvaal evidently needs a Governor with tact enough to manage Dutchmen. Could not -the Government persuade Lord Remy, the only British Peer who is also a Dutchman, to govern South Africa for three years