3 JUNE 1972, Page 23

The Limits to Growth

Next Tuesday, in the week of the United Nations Conference on the Environment, Thames Television will be devoting three of its evening programmes to an extended study of the ecological report, 'Limits of Growth'.

At 10.30pm a documentary by Richard Broad looks at the the efforts—and the results— of the latest computer analysis of the problems that are increasingly making world headlines : pollution, population, starvation.

This is followed at 11.30pm by a special open-ended edition of Something to Say, in which experts and laymen discuss the implications of the report and the issues raised in the documentary. Viewers will be invited to phone questions into the studio.

The evening will conclude with Only One Earth, one of six short films made by different television companies of the world for the UN Conference, being screened by Thames throughout the week. Its subject : 'The case of Tokyo —a study in urban pollution'.

The documentary will be seen throughout Britain, and the other programmes will be screened in the Thames area only.