3 MARCH 1939, Page 15

He was engaged by a famous film-magnate to write scenarios.

He was offered an enormous salary and a hand- some maintenance allowance. He travelled to Hollywood. The weeks passed without Mr. Bromfield being called upon to make any scenario at all. Being an active and withal honourable man, he chafed under this highly-paid unemploy- ment. He protested to the local film magnates, who assured him that the boss was arriving in a fortnight and that he would then be told what to do. He continued, with ever- increasing boredom, to maintain himself upon his allow- ance. At last the boss arrived. Within ten days' time Mr. Bromfield was accorded an audience. He explained that he was not accustomed to hanging about doing nothing. The boss replied that for the moment there was nothing that they expected him to do. " Then why," exclaimed Mr. Brom- field in righteous indignation, " are you paying me this large salary?" " You see, Mr. Blumenfeld," answered the film magnate. " it was your name we wanted." That, as I said, shows what a nice man Mr. Bromfield really is. I refer to the pre-Munich Bromfield ; the Bromfield, that is, who had not as yet drunk deeply of the wine of passion. Since his present pamphlet is not agreeable in the very least. It is a disagreeable pamphlet.