3 MARCH 1939, Page 19

Caged Fox

Two lady friends, midde-aged, intelligent, themselves passive supporters of fox-hunting, recently had an experience which has made them think again about that sport. Looking for primroses in a wood half a mile from the nearest road they suddenly came upon what appeared to be a red setter imprisoned in a wire coop. They looked again and saw two red setters—in reality foxes. They were very shocked indeed. The foxes had been recently fed, but no amount of feeding could destroy their look of miserable caged restlessness. The two ladies hurried out of the wood. It took them a long time to reconcile fifty years of passive belief in the sport of hunting with the recollection of these two foxes, carefully imprisoned and carefully fed, waiting to be released for the amusement of a hunt that quite likely would never know it was hunting an animal out of a cage.