3 MARCH 1939, Page 22

, 6 NO BILLETING " [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR]

SIRS I have recently received an unsolicited packet of litera- ture from the United Ratepayers' Advisory Association, ask- ing my support for their " No Billeting Campaign."

I tore it up. We seem to hear a lot of the non-co-operators in this matter. The Government plan for the private billeting of children in war-time is a stern necessity. It may need to be supplemented by evacuation camps, but obviously we could not count with certainty on enough of such camps being ready in time to she:ter our whole urban child population. And even if we could, the children would be better housed, and very much safer from the possible attacks of a desperate and unscrupulous enemy, in our thousands of scattered and well- concealed country homes.

Those of us ready to shoulder the task know that it will mean much sacrifice, worry, and hard work for all of us. But aren't our children worth it? If war comes we may have to

face many worse things than the job of sheltering British children in our homes. It has been the boast of democracie!, that a free people will always pull together in the face of national danger. I believe that the great majority of house- holders are ready to take their share. We have a right to criticise the existing Government plans ; to ask for safeguards. and for even distribution. But I sincerely hope that these " No Billeting " campaigners are not mistaken abroad for typical British women ! —Yours truly, A SUSSEX WOMAN.