3 MARCH 1939, Page 23


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR]

Sta,—Correspondent Frances Bellerby has obviously sufficient wisdom to see usefulness in animals, but not enough of it for gratitude, but would, dictatorlike, " take," then destroy, when man's assumed superiority is no longer being enhanced by that which he has relegated to the inferior. It would be more honourable if such a nature were to endeavour to live entirely without the help of animals when respect for them is lacking.

Man has not been told that he is the highest creation, and that all else is subservient to him, to be destroyed at will! Nor is he such an advanced creature, after all, if he must destroy because of his inability adequately to co-operate with and appreciate the animal life which surrounds him.

We all despise the dictator who stifles growth, but claims the body whilst it is of use to him, and is apparently oblivious to the fact that he is literally living and feeding upon that which he so loudly denounces.

A stand so unrelenting in its attitude must surely he an acquired state of blindness with the shutters held closely, lest clear sight would prove disturbing.

All life is Spirit. There can be no growth without it So how can human beings be in the position to treat another form of growth with egoistic intolerance? Such is an impertinence to the highest that we know.

What a privilege it is to " know " an animal! Sad, indeed, is the life not so fortunate.

To Rufus: You wrote a beautiful letter, but please do not despise cats and class them in the same category as cars.— Yours, &c.,


5 Newton Place, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, 7.