3 MARCH 1939, Page 3

Mr. Eden's position is now very interesting, and increas- ingly

the subject of speculation. It is evident that he and his friends have been taken back into the fold. It remains to be seen whether the joy over one penitent will be given material form. The election is never far from Members' minds these days, and Mr. Chamberlain can now go to the country as leader of a united party. That the result is certain merely centres discussion around the effect on Parlia- ment of another five years of National Government, and the future of Ministers and some others. Mr. Ernest Brown's reputation depends on the unemployment figures, and his recent speeches have disturbed the House by their com- placency. It is being suggested, though as yet not widely, that Mr. Eden should become Minister of Labour. He is regarded as an electoral asset, and, now that National Service is a part of the Ministry's functions, certain qualities which are his and which Mr. Brown does not possess are desirable in the Minister holding that office.