3 MARCH 1939, Page 56



1. The right drink for the confirmed bachelor who marries?

9. Means of access beloved of childhood. (Two words.)

14. If I say I can make a sovereign remedy with this I lie.

15. If the bark makes you bitter, this may cool you off.

17. My first is unchecked in 34, my second in 15.

18. Turn over the sod with this to gain glory.

19. Messages that end in scraps. 21. I hope what's on the face

isn't really made up of tin enamel!

23. See 26.

24. " . . morning wore To evening, but some heart did break."

25. These ships start from the equator.

26 and 23. You're never in them after nineteen.

27. See 4.

28. rev. You can't measure this period.

29 rev. with 13. Objects con- nected with breastplate of high priest.

3o. The best side of a ship on which to eat?

33. rev. I have a great deal of energy in this.

34. " Mammon, the . . . erected spirit that fell.

From heaven."

35. There's always a girl in these sets of students.


t. They ensure that it will an upright volume.

2. May denote fighting abili, but is not necessarily a ch on the shoulder.

3. Contrives.

4. rev. with 27. The merchac likes this on his merchandi,. but not on himself.

5. Make tight.

6 and 32. Riding on the left.

7. " Mr. Weller's knowledge of London was . . . and pecu- liar."

8. Joints from an angry butcher which save time?

to. Kind of salad which ends in a plunge.

II. rev. Sole clap (anag.).

12. Power found in a mast.

13. rev. See 29.

16. rev. Subject of an opera by Flotow.

20. rev. Supposedly found in every club.

22. " He must . . . go that the Devil drives." 33. Vowels.

32. rev. See 6.