3 MAY 1975, Page 3


Sir: If your Peregrine is proposing to go on taking such senior journalists as Mr Mark Arnold-Forster to task for very infrequent and very slightly inelegant phrases ("I would deeply like to know" certainly does not cause even me to shudder) he must himself learn that glasses are what you drink out of, and that what you look through are spectacles; that his "eccentric peer" (whom he does not want to embarrass by naming, but who is easily identifiable from a previous paragraph) lives not in "the Albany" but in "Albany", not in a "flat" (because it is not on one floor) but in a "set"; and that as the wine-bar in Fleet Street to which he refers does not belong to a Mr El Vino, it is not "El Vino's" but "El Vino", simply. I could say more, but this will do for the time being.

Cyril Ray

Albany, London WI