3 OCTOBER 1992, Page 23

LETTERS Unsolicited letters

Sir: One of The Spectator's strongest assets in the last two or so years has been its cov- erage of the debate on Europe. This has been despite, indeed probably because of, its voice having been until recently one 'cry- ing in the wilderness', while the Eurochat- tering classes — when, oh when are you going to give the ghastly and glorious Den- nis Skinner a column? — carried the day. In so doing, you have produced a succes- sion of outstanding articles addressing the economic, monetary, defence, foreign poli- cy and other aspects, unearthing facets of the subject and drawing historical parallels that would otherwise have passed us by. Notable amongst them have been the con- tributions from Tim Congdon, Nicholas Ridley, Enoch Powell and John Laughland, while the immaculate Fildes's regular injec- tion of wit and wisdom on matters financial keeps your readership closer to economic sanity than most of those who rule in Eng- land.

Who knows, some worthy press baron might see fit to present handsomely bound copies of a volume of such essays to each and every Member of Parliament when the House reassembles.

Richard Essberger

Pirate Lodge, Elston, Shrewton, Wiltshire